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  • The AIROH Aviator 3 Rainbow Orange Matt helmet, model AV3R32, stands out in offroad competition by raising performance standards. It features a shell made of Carbon 3K for the Primal graphic and HPC Carbon for other designs, designed for optimal aerodynamics and thermodynamics using wind tunnel technology. This ensures stability at high speeds and effective thermoregulation. It comes in four sizes, from XS to XXL, and incorporates advanced safety and comfort technologies like AMS2 Plus, AEFR, and AMLS, including magnetic cheek pads. Additionally, it has 8 air intakes, integrated spoilers, and an Airoh Hydration System for comfort in extreme conditions. The weight varies from 1290g for the Primal graphic to 1350g for other graphics, emphasizing its lightweight and high-performance capabilities.

    Airoh Aviator 3 ‘Rainbow’ Orange/Matt

  • Airoh Aviator 3 'Spin' Red Matt
    The Airoh Aviator 3 'Spin' Red Matt is an advanced offroad helmet designed for sustained success. It features a Carbon 3K shell for the Primal version and HPC Carbon for others, optimized for aerodynamics and thermodynamics. It includes Airoh's safety systems like AMS2 Plus, AEFR, and AMLS with magnetic cheek pads, 8 air intakes for superior ventilation, and an integrated hydration system. Weights vary from 1290g for Primal to 1350g for other graphics, available in four sizes with a hypoallergenic magnetic lining for comfort.

    Airoh Aviator 3 ‘Spin’ Red Matt (AV3SP55)