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Hurricane Scout/Bobber Slip On Mufflers

Proudly designed & made in Australia. These custom slip-on mufflers made especially for the Indian Scout or the Indian Scout Bobber add power & a crisp bark to your motorcycle. Available in two colours, chrome to match the Indian Scout & matte black to match the Indian Scout Bobber's tough street look! Upon check out, please specify which colour you wish to purchase. Check out more of our custom made Motorcycle Parts and Accessories here!


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Indian Scout motorcycles have earned a reputation for their power, style, and iconic design. However, to take your riding experience to the next level, you should consider upgrading your exhaust system with Naked Racer Moto Co’s custom slip-on mufflers.

Unleash the Power of Your Indian Scout

Indian Scout motorcycles are known for their impressive power and performance. Still, the stock exhaust system may only partially utilize the bike’s potential. Upgrading to NR Indian Scout slip-on mufflers can significantly enhance the exhaust flow, allowing your bike to breathe more efficiently. This can lead to increased horsepower and torque, providing a noticeable boost in performance.

Distinctive Sound that Turns Heads

The auditory presence of a motorcycle is just as important as its visual appeal. NR Indian Scout slip-on mufflers are designed to improve performance and create a distinctive and captivating sound. Their low, deep rumble can turn heads and leave a lasting impression wherever you ride.

Easy Installation for Everyone

One of the advantages of NR Indian Scout slip-on mufflers is their user-friendly installation process. You don’t need to be a mechanic to upgrade your exhaust system. These slip-on mufflers are designed for hassle-free installation. In many cases, you can complete the installation in your garage using essential tools, saving both time and money that you might have otherwise spent at a mechanic’s shop.

Quality Craftsmanship You Can Rely On

NR Indian Scout slip-on mufflers are crafted with precision and quality in mind. They are built to withstand the rigours of the road, ensuring durability and performance. These mufflers often come with a warranty, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment.

Compatibility for All Indian Scout Models

Whether you own an Indian Scout Sixty, Scout Bobber, or any other Scout model, there’s likely a slip-on muffler option that suits your bike. These mufflers are designed to be compatible with various Scout models, offering a versatile upgrade option for all Scout enthusiasts.

Stand Out in Style

Enhancing your Indian Scout with NR slip-on mufflers boosts performance and adds a personal touch to your bike’s style. These mufflers come in two finishes: chrome to match the Indian Scout and matte black to complement the Indian Scout Bobber’s rugged street look. You can choose the one that best complements your bike’s aesthetic.

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Weight 9 kg
Exhaust Pipes Colour

Chrome, Matte Black

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