RXT 909 Flip-Up Helmet

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The RXT Warrior can be configured four ways: peak and chin guard fitted, full open face, open face with peak, chin guard on but no peak – plus can be worn with the visor or with goggles. The RXT Warrior is fully ECE 22.05 Approved and features a quick release adjustable buckle, removable and washable comfort liner plus the drop down visor and removable chin area. Check out our range of Helmets and other Riding Gear!


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In the world of motorcycle enthusiasts, safety and comfort are paramount. The RXT 909 Flip-Up Helmet emerges as a game-changer, offering riders the perfect blend of protection, innovation, and convenience. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this helmet boasts various features that make it stand out. Let’s dive into the remarkable qualities that make the RXT 909 a top rider choice.

  • 2 Shell Sizes (XS-M & Lge-XL)
  • ECE 22.05 Standard
  • Internal Tinted Sun Visor
  • Flip-Open Jaw System
  • Dual Homologation (Face Up/Face Down)
  • Quick Release Micrometic Strap System
  • Max-Vision Visor (Hard Coated)
  • Pinlock Ready
  • Washable Soft-Feel Lining
  • Full Neck Curtain (for Comfort)
  • Detachable Breathguard
  • Easy to use one touch Ventilation System

Dual Shell Sizes for Enhanced Fit

Achieving the perfect fit is crucial for any helmet. The RXT 909 understands this and offers two shell sizes – XS-M and Lge-XL – ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for riders of all head sizes. A well-fitting helmet enhances safety and minimizes distractions on the road.

Meeting ECE 22.05 Standard

Safety certifications are non-negotiable when it comes to helmets, and the RXT 909 is good. It meets the stringent ECE 22.05 standard, assuring riders that they invest in a product that adheres to high safety benchmarks.

Innovative Flip-Open Jaw System

The RXT 909 takes convenience to a new level with its flip-open jaw system. This ingenious feature allows riders to lift the helmet’s front part, transforming it from a full-face gear to an open-face configuration. It’s a versatile solution for situations requiring a quick switch without removing the entire helmet.

Internal Tinted Sun Visor

Dealing with varying light conditions is a challenge for riders. The internal tinted sun visor of the RXT 909 comes to the rescue. With a simple maneuver, riders can adjust the visor to counteract blinding sun rays, ensuring clear vision and a safer ride.

Dual Homologation for Flexibility

The RXT 909 is designed to provide options. Its dual homologation – face up and face down – offers riders flexibility in how they want to use the helmet. This adaptability is a nod to the diverse preferences within the riding community.

Quick Release Micrometric Strap System

Putting on and taking off a helmet should be hassle-free. The quick-release micrometric strap system of the RXT 909 streamlines this process. It’s a small yet impactful feature adds to the overall convenience and user experience.

Max-Vision Visor with Pinlock Compatibility

The visor is a rider’s window to the world. The RXT 909 features a hard-coated Max-Vision visor for durability and clarity. Additionally, it’s Pinlock ready, meaning riders can equip it with an anti-fog insert for optimal visibility in challenging weather conditions.

Washable Soft-Feel Lining

Comfort is not compromised with the RXT 909. The helmet boasts a washable, soft-feel lining that enhances the rider’s experience on long journeys. It’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to providing gear that cares for its users.

Full Neck Curtain and Detachable Breath guard

A well-designed helmet considers every aspect of the riding experience. The full neck curtain ensures that riders are shielded from wind and external elements, while the detachable breathguard contributes to a fog-free visor by directing breath away from it.

Effortless Ventilation System

Staying cool during rides is crucial. The RTX 909’s one-touch ventilation system allows riders to regulate airflow easily, preventing discomfort on hot days and during strenuous rides.

Check out our range of Helmets and other Riding Gear!

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