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Eldorado EXR: Lowest Profile Helmet In Australia

A motorcycle helmet is the most important motorcycle gear you'll own as a rider. It's one of your main defenses on the road while out riding. So to continue riding your bike safely, invest in a good quality helmet such as the Eldorado EXR Open Face Helmet. It's a low-profile, legal-for-road-use helmet. In fact, it's the lowest profile helmet available in Australia! Its open face design and matte black finish is cool and stylish in its simplicity. But, of course, protection and comfort is far from lacking. It features a high-impact EPS inner, plaid comfortable inner lining, and hand-sewn soft touch Lycra lining for the optimal road and noise protection. The D-ring closure system and strap clip ensures a secure fit on the head. And it's ADR approved and certified by the SAI Global 5 ticks standard. Experience safety and style while on the Australian roads with the Eldorado EXR Helmet. Check out our range of Helmets and other Riding Gear!


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    • Hand-sewn soft touch Lycra lining
    • Matte black
    • Plaid comfortable inner lining
    • D-ring closure system
    • Strap clip
    • ADR approved certified by SAI global 5 ticks
    • High impact EPS inner
    • Lowest profile open face helmet on the market

A Focus on Safety and Style

The Eldorado EXR Open Face Helmet is a testament to the brand’s commitment to rider safety. With roads becoming increasingly unpredictable, having a helmet that provides top-notch protection is essential. Eldorado has poured two years of intensive research and development into crafting a helmet that meets safety standards and exceeds them.

Comfort Redefined

Eldorado keeps in mind that riding comfort is a key factor with every design, and the EXR helmet is no exception. The interior of the helmet boasts a plaid, comfortable inner lining. But that’s not all – the soft touch Lycra, hand-sewn into the interior, serves multiple purposes. Not only does it enhance overall comfort, but it also actively works to reduce road noise, allowing riders to focus on the road ahead without unnecessary distractions.

Maximum Protection with High-Impact EPS Inner

At the heart of the Eldorado EXR Open Face Helmet lies a high-impact EPS inner lining. This innovative feature is strategically placed to provide maximum protection to the rider’s head in case of impact. The EPS inner lining has been rigorously tested and engineered to absorb and dissipate the impact force, reducing the potential for head injuries.

ADR Approval and SAI Global Certification

The Eldorado EXR Open Face Helmet isn’t just a stylish accessory; it’s a piece of safety equipment fully approved and certified for road use. With the Australian Design Rules (ADR) approval and the SAI Global certification, riders can trust that this helmet complies with the necessary safety standards and legal requirements. This certification is a testament to Eldorado’s commitment to providing helmets that look good and keep riders safe.

Check out our range of Helmets and other Riding Gear!

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