RXT Challenger Open Face Helmet - White

Brand - RXT
A traditional Open Face 'Jet' style helmet offers a classic look with a comfortable, low-fitting design and includes a 3-stud peak for added protection and style.


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A traditional Open Face ‘Jet’ style helmet is known for its classic and sleek design, often chosen by riders who prefer a blend of style, comfort, and a touch of retro appeal. This type of helmet typically features a low fitting design that ensures it sits comfortably and snugly on the rider’s head, enhancing its aesthetic appeal while also providing essential protection. The low fitting design is not just about looks; it also contributes to the helmet’s stability and aerodynamics, making it a preferred choice for those who ride cruisers, scooters, or are enthusiasts of vintage motorcycles.

One distinctive feature of this helmet style is the inclusion of 3 stud peaks. These studs are located at the front of the helmet and allow for the attachment of a peak (or visor) which can help shield the rider’s eyes from the sun, rain, and wind, enhancing visibility and comfort during rides. The peak is an optional accessory that riders can choose to attach for additional protection against the elements or for style purposes.

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RXT Challenger Open Face Helmet – White $79.95
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